Hak se wui

Synopsis: Every two years the senior members of the Wo Shing, Hong Kong’s oldest Triad Society, elect an up-and-coming younger boss as their chairman. The two candidates vying for the position couldn’t be any more different: Lok (Simon Yam) a respected, levelheaded businessman and Big D (Tony Leung Ka Fai), a loud charismatic, violent criminal. When the Wo Shing Society’s ancient symbol of leadership, the Dragon’s Head Baton, goes missing, a ruthless struggle for power threatens to tear the Wo Shing Society into two. The race is on to find the Dragon’s Head Baton and to win the election.

Hak se wui 7.5

A solid Hong Kong film about the election of a triad chairman, and the conflicts betweent the two opposing forces that are trying to win.

It’s mostly behind the scenes stuff, politics, with some action, but it’s engaging stuff and definitely worth the 90 mins.

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