Working With Orson Welles

Synopsis: After nearly 30 years of self-imposed commercial/artistic exile in Europe, Orson Welles returned to Hollywood to undertake the ultimately unfinished The Other Side Of The Wind, the fascinating story that is the subject of Working With Orson Welles. Filled with never-before-seen footage (including the only known print of the director’s complete 12-minute promotional film F Is For Fake), the story of the world’s most infamous director is related through his old friends: John Huston, Susan Strasberg, Peter Bogdanovich, and dozens of technicians and actors who were eager to be involved in any project that was attached to Welles. Working With Orson Welles is a loving tribute to the most misunderstood and controversial genius who ever walked through a studio back lot. At long last, the mysterious ways and intimate thoughts of a fiercely private man come to light for us all to see, in stories told by the talented friends and close associates who vividly remember Working With Orson Welles.

Working With Orson Welles 7.0

A little self-indulgent, this was made by one of Welles’ partner in his later years. It doesn’t cover any decade before the ’70s and it’s really an amateurish platform for this directors’ own material.

Still, there are some fascinating bits along the way – Welles was quite a character 🙂

What do you think?

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