13 Tzameti

Synopsis: 22 year-old Sébastien (Georges Babluani) leads an impoverished life constantly struggling to support his immigrant family. While repairing the roof of a neighbor’s house, he overhears a conversation about a forthcoming package which promises to make the household rich. Sensing the opportunity of a lifetime, Sébastien intercepts the package which contains a series of veiled instructions.

Following the cryptic clues, he assumes a false identity and manages to slip through the grasp of encroaching police as he ventures deeper towards the unknown. The closer he gets to his destination, the less he understands. Ultimately, he comes face to face with a perverse ring of gamblers placing bets on a depraved game of chance where the spoils are unimaginable millions, and the losses are counted in lives.

Directed by newcomer Gela Babluani, 13 Tzameti is a winner-take-all thriller, where a naive young man is transformed into Player 13 in a game with only one way out.

13 Tzameti 7.5

Interesting concept (along the lines of ‘Fight Club’, in some ways), minimalist and not too sensationalistic. I can only imagine what a Hollywood film version would be like: bloody and over-the-top.

It’s not great, but it’s suspenseful enough to warrant a viewing. Warning: some might find this hard to watch.

What do you think?

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