Another You

Synopsis: One Lies For Fun. The Other Lies For Money. Now That’s Teamwork.

Pryor and Wilder, the funniest combination since Wilder and Pryor, are up to some more funny business in Another You. In their fourth comic outing together following the classics, Silver Streak, Stir Crazy and See No Evil, Hear No Evil, the two play George and Eddie, a couple of liars who just can’t seem to kick the habit. What begins as a few harmless lies leads them into a labyrinth of hilarious complications involving a missing millionaire, his beautiful wife, a dangerous estate executive and a major mistaken identity crisis. As the lies pile up, so do the laughs in this star-powered comedy featuring the sexy Mercedes Ruehl (Big, Married To The Mob), Stephen Lang (Last Exit to Brooklyn, The Hard Way) and an early performance by Vanessa Williams. With Another You, Pryor and Wilder prove once again to be one of the great comedy teams of their generation — and that’s no lie.

Another You 6.0

In what is a complete reversal from ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil’, ‘Another You’ starts off on the wrong foot but, after the first 15-20 mins, turns out to be not half bad. Oh, it still contains the usual Hollywood twists and ending, but, thankfully, it generally served up much better material than the previous film.

In this one, a compulsive liar (played by Wilder), finally out of rehab, is mistaken for a rich business tycoon who has been missing for months. Due to circumstances, and pressure from his friends, he feels compelled to take on the role and immerse himself in this new life. As one can imagine, not everything is as it seems and pseudo-hilarity ensues.

Frankly there’s not much to say about this one. Wilder annoyed me a little bit here, except (ironically enough!) when he hammed it up and went overboard; I usually prefer his subtle side, but I was pleased with the bits in which character becomes arrogant and slightly menacing. As for Richard Pryor, my impression is that he got progressively more and more over-the-top as his career carried on; sadly, by this point, he’s pretty much only using his “shouting mode” (wherein he yells, makes googly eyes and peels back his lips for extra effect).

Otherwise, the film is amusing, but in a wholly unremarkable way.

Will I give ‘Another You’ another try someday? Perhaps. But I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t do a Wilder/Pryor festival again – the overall output is far too weak to warrant that I revisit the experience.

It’s a real shame, I think, because that duo had “something”, something greater than the sum of their parts – but they totally squandered it on material that should have been beneath them.

What do you think?

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