Synopsis: Will you be able to endure the sexy hilarity as Carla visits London? She’s a big hit with everyone – except with her boyfriend Matteo, who seethes with jealousy. With her skimpy skirt conveniently blowing in the wind, Carla attracts the attention of one and all. As she is having adventures with her lesbian real-estate agent Moira and Moira’s ex-husband Marion, Matteo jets over to put her in line. But finding himself surrounded by free-lovers in Hyde Park who remind him of his own dalliances, he soon mends his ways.

Beautifully shot and featuring a head-banging soundtrack, Cheeky! is sure to have you glued to the screen. Tinto Brass’s manifesto for a new world order – a most erotic and joyful one.

Trasgredire 5.5

‘Cheeky’ is a sex comedy without the comedy. It also, coincidentally enough, comes bereft of a decent script and actors. Essentially, it’s pretty much a b-movie in the style of Russ Meyer’s mid-‘60s to late-‘70s films – only more in keeping with modern style and raunchiness.

Now, some people like Russ Meyer’s films and, admittedly, I think that they have a certain quality that you can’t find anywhere else. However, I don’t consider them good films – and haven’t had a craving to see any of them since I explored his oeuvre a decade ago. Seriously, his films were pretty much an excuse to show rather bosomy women in various stages of undress; the drama was totally secondary.

This one is similar, but with even less story and a lot more undressing (and simulated sex, truth be told). One of the key differences is that, unlike Meyer, Tinto Brass focuses on buttocks; in fact, he’s totally obsessed with them. And yet, despite this fascination and the bevy of beautiful people parading on screen, he has found a way to make a generally unsexy film.

Which leads me to my only real positive argument for this film: while the “actors” are relatively attractive people, they are all pretty natural-looking (quite unlike a majority of Hollywood’s stars and starlets). That was a big plus. Then there is leading lady (note the difference with “lead actress”) Yuliya Mayarchuk, who is rather attractive – especially sans make-up. Underneath it all, she seems like a natural beauty.

But that’s a paltry excuse to watch a film, and I highly doubt I will be seeing it again in the near-to-medium term. ‘Cheeky’ may be an apt name for the film, but for all the wrong reasons.

What do you think?

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