De père en flic

Synopsis: To save the life of an undercover agent kidnapped by a biker gang, two cops infiltrate an outdoor adventure group-therapy for fathers and sons. The two cops are father and son for real – but they cannot stand the sight of each other and their biggest challenge is to survive the therapy without killing each other. Literally.

Father and Guns combines the strengths of a classic comedy cop thriller with a study of a dysfunctional, father-son relationship.

Directed by Émile Gaudreault of global hit Mambo Italiano, produced by Oscar winning producers Denise Robert & Daniel Louis (The Barbarian Invasions) and starring C.R.A.Z.Y.’s actor Michel Côté, Father and Guns has raked in $11 million in its home market and is the highest-grossing French language film of all time in Canada.

De père en flic 5.5

Sigh… I’m going to have to venture a guess that, following the tremendous success of ‘Bon Cop, Bad Cop’, these filmmakers decided that there would be big money to make in trying to do another type of love-hate buddy-cop film. I could be wrong, but that,s how it felt to me, anyway.

This time, though, instead of a Francophone and Anglophone duelling for the upper hand in their “dynamic duo”, this one follows a father and son as they are forced to go undercover at a retreat for… fathers and sons who want to improve their relationships. Ugh.

Let me just say this: the performances aren’t credible (watching Remy Girard sleepwalk his way through this film was particularly harsh), the story is ridiculous at best, the jokes mostly made me wince and the overall effect is too unconvincing to warrant the 90 mins.

At best, this movie could be saved by being double-billed with ‘Camping Sauvage’: both are Québec comedies with a large part of the film centering on characters going undercover (the latter taking place in the context of a witness protection program). Maybe, if one got into the proper frame of mind, after seeing ‘Camping Sauvage’ (clearly the superior film of the two), it could work. I mean, it still wouldn’t make for a great evening, but at least they would play off of each other relatively well.

Essentially, there are worse movie out there, for sure, and ‘De père en flic’ has a few rare moments of charm. But, really, why subject yourself to such drivel if you don’t have to? Just wait for the American remake and hope for the best.

What do you think?

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