Ginger Snaps

Synopsis: Hungry like the wolf.

Ginger and Brigitte, two sisters trapped in suburbia, are obsessed with mayhem, torture and death until they get a taste of the real thing. Bitten by a wild animal, Ginger begins to mutate into a sexy, uncontrolled woman, with some nasty canine tendencies. Is it a virus? Is it a curse? Or the first step towards becoming a vicious werewolf!

Intelligent, inspired, and truly terrifying, this award-winning horror film makes you look at raging teenage hormones in a shocking new way!

Ginger Snaps 8.0

I can’t say that I’m a big fan of werewolf movies. While they could make interesting films around such creatures (and a few come to mind!), they frequently only focus on the transformations from a technical standpoint – as opposed to, say, a psychological or emotional one. And, quite frankly, the technical side of it (like any special effect or action sequence), can get tired over time.

But there are exceptions, and one of them is ‘Ginger Snaps’ – a sharp little Canadian film that sunk its claws into the imagination of enough filmgoers to become a homegrown hit at the box office and on video, eventually warranting a sequel and a prequel.

It’s a low-budget affair, this film (aren’t most Canadian productions, really?), so it’s a good thing that it’s got a lot more going for it than monster effects – especially in light of the fact that their beastie is horrendously bad-looking, like a charred Staypuff Marshmallow Lycanthrope (or something like that!).

What separates ‘Ginger Snaps’ from the crowd are the parallels it makes between the sudden changes that come with infection from a werewolf bite and puberty. So, what it does remarkably well, is take a teen drama and twists the angst around by giving it an otherworldly motive, one that pretty everyone can relate to – but without hitting too close to home. Clever 🙂

Of course, with any high school movie comes a few standard elements, but this film is written in a way that it all comes together relatively well – despite some of the cheese and clichés.

‘Ginger Snaps’ is a horror film with teeth.

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