The Wrong Guy

Synopsis: A fugitive in his own mind.

Comic sensation Dave Foley (TV’s News Radio, On the Line) hands over a hilarious performance as Nelson Hibbert, a bungling executive furious over missing a “promised” promotion. Confronting his boss on the matter, he finds him murdered. Panicking, Tripping and screaming his way out of the office, Nelson, covered in “evidence,” is sure he’ll be pinned with the deed – even though video proves who really dunit.

The getaway scheme’s a scream when Hibbert crosses paths with the ruthless killer and clumsy cops. A series of on-the-lam mishaps and outrageous misfortunes finally lead him to coy cutie Lynn (Jennifer Tilly, Monsters Inc., The Crew), who convinces him he’s the right guy to put the wacky disaster to rest.

The Wrong Guy 8.0

In this low-budget Canadian production, Dave Foley (ex-Kids In The Hall) stars as a man who is on the run for a crime he didn’t commit – and that everyone knows he didn’t commit. Are you confused yet? Well, it’s nothing compared to our lead character’s state of mind, I assure you!

It’s an absurd farce, and it’s so ridiculous that it hurts – but in that good way. I laugh really hard every single time I watch this film; it’s just so outrageously silly that I can’t help it. Thankfully, unlike other “dumb” comedies, this one creates a world and set of characters in which pretty much everything that takes place on screen also would in real life – were the world as completely ridiculous as it is here.

And so it is that, beyond all the moronic behaviour and absurd happenstance, this movie works quite well as a diversion: it laughs at life, it laughs at its characters and it laughs at itself. All in all, to me, ‘The Wrong Guy’ feels just right.

Nota bene: watch out for the Saul Bass-inspired credits, ‘The Untouchables’-like score and the guest appearance by The Barenaked Ladies

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