Two’s a Mob

Synopsis: A Killer Comedy

Two’s A Mob chronicles the rise and fall of the Vendettas, a prestigious yet extremely dysfuntional New York crime family.

The Vendettas are an unusual collection of characters fronted by the Capo’s son, hit man Sonny Vendetta. But Sonny’s biggest problem isn’t controlling his temper – it’s contending with Paulie (Dan Lalande), the clan’s incompetent adopted son. Paulie has a knack of screwing up every scheme the Vendetta’s set up.

Finally, Paulie gets wise. He and Sonny rebuild the bumbling family into the nation’s premiere crime syndicate. But Sonny, wanting the spoils for himself, begins to knock off each member of the gang. Would he go as far as to kill his own adopted brother for a bigger cut of the goods?

Two’s a Mob 7.0

Ottawa’s own Derek Diorio made this extremely low-budget gangster spoof on less than $100,000 – and it shows: the music is cheap, the actors aren’t all great and the production values sometimes hurt the eyes (heck, by the director’s own account, the costume budget was less than $1500 for the whole movie!).

But, keeping this fact in mind, one can appreciate the film for what it is: an earnest jab at such movie classics as The Godfather, Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs and Casino. And, in this respect, it succeeds respectably well (and more so than its Hollywood counterparts); in fact, some of the satire is spot on. But it does become a little corny at times, and it vaguely reminds one of the Zucker Brothers’ style of comedy – minus the myriad sight gags and mile-a-second pacing of their zingers.

Of course, had the pace been more unrelenting, it wouldn’t have been possible and/or enjoyable to watch out for familiar Ottawa locales; since the film was all made in the area, it’s quite amusing to recognize interiors of various local shops and venues and it’s hardly uncommon to find exterior shots that you’ve “somehow” seen from your bus ride the day before. That part of the film was quite fun – but it admittedly wouldn’t hold any interest whatsoever for non-Ottawans.

From a technical standpoint, my rating for this movie should have to be dropped a few notches. But, given that I know how it was made from scratch with chicken wire and odd bits, and before the advent of affordable home-editing software, I think that it’s a decent film. Of course, it must lose a few point for some of the writing and acting – those flaws can’t be forgiven, seeing as they’re problem that are so cheaply/easily rectified.

Overall, as far as I’m concerned, ‘Two’s a Mob’ still provides chuckles years later. As an added bonus, some of my friends also have fond memories of it – so I will definitely revisit once in a while.

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