The Purple Rose of Cairo

Synopsis: “One of the best movies about movies ever made” (Time Magazine), Woody Allen’s The Purple Rose of Cairo slips through the looking glass of cinematic convention to create a magical, “intoxicating” (Cosmopolitan) comic fable about life, love, illusion and hope. Starring Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello and Dianne Wiest, this Academy Award®-nominated film showcases Allen “at his most imaginative and compassionate, capturing the magic of the cinema” (Screen International) in all of its bittersweet glory!

Lonely Depression-era waitress Cecilia (Farrow) is hopelessly addicted to Hollywood movies. Spellbound by her new favorite, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Cecilia is astonished when the leading man (Daniels) suddenly walks off the screen to meet her. Wooed by his charm, Cecilia finds herself falling for him – until she meets the real actor who plays him. Romanced by both a fictional character and a famous star, Cecilia struggles to locate the shifting line between fantasy and reality, only to discover that sometimes it’s just a heartbeat away.

The Purple Rose of Cairo 8.5

The Purple Rose of Cairo is a movie about the magic and illusory power that is the silver screen. It revolves around a Depression-era woman who falls in love with a character in a movie and who has to make personal choices when that character comes off the screen to be with her.

It’s a very funny film and it’s definitely made both for romantics and lovers of cinema. But, despite the fantastic nature of the story, it is (thankfully) not a fairytale – it clings to realism with a couple of bittersweet twists.

Having said that, it’s without a doubt one of the best of Woody Allen’s films and it features yet another brilliant performance from Mia Farrow. It’s pitch perfect.

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