Contes immoraux

Synopsis: You Don’t Have To Go To A Museum to See An X-Rated Picasso.

Carnal desires know no bounds in these four tales of immoral lust. In the first story, two young cousins become lovers during a dangerous game of seduction. Then, a girl discovers true orgasmic bliss while in the throes of religious ecstasy. Next, the notorious Countess Bathory seizes beautiful country maidens for epic orgies of savage desire. Finally, Lucrezia Borgia instigates an unholy menage-a-trois of incestuous love that shocked a century.

Paloma Picasso leads an international cast in this acclaimed erotic masterpiece from award-winning director Walerian Borowczyk.

Contes immoraux 7.0

First off, let me start by saying that this movie was labelled a “comédie érotique”, or an erotic comedy, on the DVD packaging. Secondly, I’d like to add that I hate it when labels are inappropriate; I was in the mood for a good laugh and I thought that a French farce might just do the trick – even if it’s a mixed result like ‘Le Libertin’ was. But this movie had very few hints of humour in it (in fact, I didn’t laugh once – even though I tried my damnest to seek out the comedic potential of the film).

Having said that, it’s nonetheless an entertaining film in as much as it is a collection of erotic short stories: it has a sensual quality to it, there’s plenty of eye candy (both male and female – even if it was clearly made for a male audience) and it covers a wide range of flavours – from vanilla to relatively offbeat. It’s not a masterpiece, but it has some memorable moments in it (even if it’s not wholly titillating) and its composition is somewhat original. You could do worse than to delve into these tales.

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