Synopsis: It rips through the skies at six times the speed of sound, is invisible to radar and spits death – launching and guiding missiles purely by the pilot’s thoughts. It’s the MIG-31, the most devastating war machine ever built, code name Firefox. But Firefox belongs to the Russians. To maintain the balance of world power, the West must steal it. Clint Eastwood directs and stars as ace U.S. pilot Mitchell Gant, the man for the job.

Firefox delivers a unique payload of nail-biting suspense and effects pyrotechnics. Special Visual Effects Producer John Dykstra won an Oscar for Star Wars – and his work on Firefox is in that out-of-this-world class. Join Eastwood in the cockpit and soar!

Firefox 7.0

Despite a serious miscasting, weak special effects and a horrifyingly terrible score (from Maurice Jarre, amazingly enough!), Firefox has the makings of a very good espionnage film. In fact, I’d put it on the weak end of a cross between ‘Hunt for Red October’ and a James Bond film.

Frankly, I think that the script to ‘Firefox’ could have been tweaked into a very good James Bond adventure, actually (a pre-You Only Live Twice and post-Moonraker 007 flick, to be precise); all they would have needed would be to bring in the familiar characters, add some 007-infused chase sequences and gadgets and they would have been set.

Oh, and the James Bond theme would have spruced it up nicely, too (in fact, I frequently imagined it playing and the film seemed so much better at those points). It’s a real shame that a large part of the film had no music and, when it did, it was some cheesy, pompous military anthems. Yuck.

And, while I’m a fan of Eastwood’s, he is seriously miscast here, as a man who infiltartes the U.S.S.R. to steal an experimental supersonic plane. I mean, when I think americana, I think “Clint Eastwood” – to me, he has the quintessential “american” look. So, in my mind, he could hardly pass as a soviet – in their homeland, no less!

Still, the story is gripping, and it’s competently-executed. It’s not a masterpiece, and it could have been so much more, but it’s a decent enough film in its genre.

What do you think?

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