Le père Noël est une ordure

Synopsis: Félix, disguised as Father Christmas, hands out leaflets advertising a sexy Christmas party. His place is taken by an African Santa Claus and he returns to his caravan only to find his girlfriend Josette about to leave him. When he comes after her, she takes refuge at ‘SOS Distress’, run by two neurotics, Thérèse and Pierre.

Le père Noël est une ordure 7.5

It’s not as dark or cynical as ‘Bad Santa’, but this French classic has its moments – and, with a name that translates as ‘Santa Claus is a dirtbag’, one can hardly be surprised.

I had heard about it for years, and had already seen the lesser American version featuring Steve Martin, but only recently got my grubby little hands on the original. I’m glad that I did, because this French farce is pretty funny (in an outrageous way) and, while it wasn’t memorable enough to become one of my favourite Christmas movies, it will be viewed again from time to time.

As a point of reference, this film was written and performed by the same comedy troupe who created the classic French movie trilogy ‘Les Bronzés’. Personally, I think that this is their best one, as I find the other set underwhelming, but still, it’s something to note.

(as a side-note, I will be getting up to speed on reviews shortly. I was trying to catch up and have written quite few blurbs, actually – so, for those who care, expect a barrage of them soon enough)

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