Joy Division

Synopsis: The True Story Of The Meteoric Rise And Fall Of One Of The Most Influential Bands Of Our Time

As brash and gritty as the 70’s post-punk music it celebrates, Joy Division is a “fascinating look at the brief but vital trajectory of a band that died with its troubled frontman, Ian Curtis,” (Jason Gargano, Cincinnati CityBeat), only to be reborn as the equally influential New Order. Featuring interviews with all surviving band members, Joy Division explores the Manchester origins of this revolutionary act, their partnership with Factory Records founder Tony Wilson, and collaboration with legendary producer Martin Hannett. “Less a requiem than a celebration, [Joy Division] is a dense, rich and exciting look at a band who helped make modern pop music become truly modern” (

Joy Division 7.5

For fans of JD and for people who enjoyed ‘Control’ and want to know more about the band. It’s a pretty standard documentary, featuring interviews with surviving members of the band and entourage. Good, but not great.

From a long-time fan’s perspective, though, it was rather telling to hear Peter Hook say that the dynamic in Joy Division was very easy-going – whereas in New Order it was always a struggle.

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