Just Buried

Synopsis: Oliver (Jay Baruchel – Tropic Thunder) is destined for an uneventful life until the day he an his brother Jackie breeze into town to attend the funeral of their estranged father. To everyone’s bewilderment, Oliver inherits his father’s estate-a funeral home.

Oliver learns from the handyman Henry (Graham Greene) that the home is on the verge of bankruptcy. That night, his life gets increasingly complicated when he takes a drunken drive with the bewitching embalmer Roberta (Rose Byrne – damages) and collides with a hiker. Roberta cleverly disguises the fatality as an accident, providing Oliver with his first paying customer and launching the duo on a merciless killing spree that evolves from accidental to intentional. As they scramble to stay out of jail and keep the funeral home in business, the body count rises steeply and their victims expire in increasingly bizarre and brutal “accidents.’

With his business and love life blossoming, Oliver gains confidence-until he finds he has dug a grave for himself too deep to escape.

Just Buried 7.5

‘Just Buried’ is a dramedy that falls somewhere between ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘War of the Roses’ – although, in my estimation, it’s not nearly as funny as the latter is.

It’s not that it isn’t funny – in fact the first half hour was a blast. It’s just that halfway through it dispenses with the humour about as quickly as it starts dispensing with corpses (it is, after all, set in a funeral home). And that’s rather unfortunate because a black veil fell upon the movie until the very last few scenes.

Obviously, as the rating indicates, it remains a good movie in my mind. I just didn’t have as much fun as I could have had. At first, I felt that it was a “must-buy”. Now, I’m not so sure.

Still, if you like your comedies dark, this one certainly has its moments.

What do you think?

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