The Incredible Hulk

Synopsis: Academy Award® nominee Edward Norton stars as scientist Bruce Banner, a man who has been living in shadows, scouring the planet for an antidote to the unbridled force of rage within him: the Hulk. But when the military masterminds who dream of exploiting his powers force him back to civilization, he finds himself coming face to face with his most formidable foe: the Abomination – a nightmarish beast of pure aggression whose powers match the Hulk’s own!

The Incredible Hulk 8.0

Wow. I really liked this one. I certainly didn’t expect to -none of the cast returned from the first movie, that storyline wasn’t followed and even the Hulk was changed. It’s like they made a totally separate Hulk movie, completely unrelated to the first inacarnation. Weird. But it was a vast improvement.

In fact, it’s exactly what I would expect from a Hulk movie: it was a decent movie first and foremost, and then it was a superhero movie. The characters were all credible, the story felt relatively realistic (all things considered) and the pacing was just right.

They brought back the runaway Bruce Banner, an important element of the Hulk story. Here is a guy who is both trying to find a cure for his affliction and trying to stay off the radar because government officials want to make a weapon out of him. He also tries to controls his anger through meditation and is largely succesful in preventing the monster from getting out.

This was a great plus to me. Whenever the monster came out, it was either his choice or it was an exceptional circumstance – it wasn’t just “Oh, I stubbed my toe! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrroar!”. Bruce Banner seemed street-smart and pretty intelligent overall, almost always being careful and considering the consequences of his actions.

The Hulk was an improvement over the last one, even if they made him physically more photogenic, less true-to-life; the motion was very good and the scenes it was in were believable. The CGI aspect of it was still off, though. I really wish that they could make CGI characters blend in with the real ones. They don’t have it right yet. In fact, the monster that the Hulk battles at the end looked really bad. Thankfully, they spent more time on our “hero” biggrin

All this to say that I didn’t expect to enjoy this ride as much as I did. I don’t even like the Hulk character that much – it’s a unidimensional gimmick, really, and it was never my favourite comic book. I was just curious this week, is all. But I was involved the whole time and I even reacted like a schoolboy every time the Hulk pounded the crap out of something. Go figure! confused

I think that the fact that the cast was pretty solid, for this type of movie, and that the story was actually well-thought out and put together helped a great deal. They are the backbones of any good movie – and they’re usually the weak links in superhero/comic book movies.

Anyway, I recommend it. And ‘The Incredible Hulk’ beats the heck out of the very average ‘Iron Man’. Hulk smash!

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