Bárbaro, la conquista de la tierra perdida

Synopsis: At the height of the Sword & Sorcery craze, Maestro Of Gore Lucio Fulci attacked the genre like no filmmaker had ever done before. Jorge Rivero (RIO LOBO), Andrea Occhipinti (NEW YORK RIPPER) and the luscious Sabrina Sellers (WHITE CANNIBAL QUEEN) star in this surreal epic of brain-bashing barbarians and breast-baring maidens, filled with eye-popping cinematography, jaw-dropping violence and a pounding score by Claudio Simonetti of Goblin.

Bárbaro, la conquista de la tierra perdida 1.5

I had a long, tiresome day; I was bushed.

So, last night, I decided that I wanted to spin a movie that mattered so little to me that I could fall asleep to it without feeling an ounce of guilt or regret. A cheesy ’80s sword and sorcery movie from Europe sounded just about right!

Well, well… you’ll all be amused to know that, not only can you sleepwatch this movie – but it turns out falling asleep actually makes it more enjoyable! Who woulda thunk it?! 😛

This review captures all of its inept glory: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/conquest.php

(Gosh… I could never so much about so little biggrin)

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