A Philip K. Dick double-feature

Synopsis: What does a scanner see? Into the head? Into the heart? From the novel by Philip K. Dick – the sci-fi legend whose works-to-film include Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report – comes A Scanner Darkly, brought to the screen by filmmaker Richard Linklater with an edgy graphic-novel look.

The time: just beyond now. The place: suburbia. The story: a twisted, funny tale of people hooked on Substance D. And of a government that cheerfully destroys its citizens – their rights, their relationships – in order to save them. Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder and Rory Cochrane play strung-out friends terrified of each other and of spies, Keanu Reeves plays a spy who’s also one of the friends… until his two personalities begin to split. Enjoy the paranoia. Nobody’s watching you. Really.

Synopsis: Visually spectacular, intensely action-packed and powerfully prophetic since its debut, Blade Runner returns in Ridley Scott’s definitive Final Cut, including extended scenes and never-before-seen special effects. In a signature role as 21st-century detective Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford brings his masculine-yet-vulnerable presence to this stylish noir thriller. In a future of high-tech possibility soured by urban and social decay, Deckard hunts for fugitive, murderous replicates – and is drawn to a mystery woman whose secrets may undermine his soul.

I took a small break from mob-related movies today to do a Philip K. Dick double-bill with a friend:

A Scanner Darkly

followed by

Blade Runner : The Final Cut 8.5

To be honest, I’ve always had a hard time with ‘Blade Runner’: there are no real highs or lows for me. Technically, it’s a very well-made film and it even had its moments of sheer brilliance – it’s total eye-candy. But, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t involve me in any emotional way. So I give it an 8.5, but really it feels somewhere between 8.0 and 8.5 for me.

However, having said that, today was the time where I enjoyed it the most of all the times and various version that I’ve seen; this new cut is more coherent and cohesive than anything before it. I can finally say that I like this film biggrin

As for ‘A Scanner Darkly’… well, it’s pretty sober (which is ironic, if you know what it’s about) but it flies by surprisingly fast nonetheless. Sure, there’s some humour peppering he script along the way, but it doesn’t change the fact the characters are going through a personal hell that they may (or may not! wink) be responsible for.

Anyway, if you like animation as much as I do, it’s worth seeing if only because of their novel approach to animation – which consisted of filming the whole film in live-action and then animating it. It’s a real feast.

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming… tongue

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