Robot Goes Here: ‘The Byte Is In My Blood’

Robot Goes Here
The Byte Is In My Blood
Robot Goes Here is the Frankenstein-like creature that Dave Rand built. After eight years in various punk bands, he ended up alone with only his laptop computer as a backing band. His punk blood continued to boil under the surface however, and, in true punk fashion, he DYI-ed himself an album with nothing but bleeps, bloops and screaming rage.
Thus was born The Byte Is In My Blood, an electropunk album like no other.
From the energetic pop-punk of “When The Well Runs Dry” to the closing lines of “I’m Holding A Burning Match”, Robot Goes Here rips through almost a dozen tracks like a Casio-playing Pac-Man on crack. It only takes a break half-way through the show for a slow instrumental “Intermission” before returning for the much-vaunted digitized version of AC/DC‘s classic “Back In Black” (which, even if it is not “the definitive version”, should certainly be heard).
Although it clearly sinks its teeth into the punk genre, this ‘Byte’ will take punk aficionados aback with its unique brand of musicianship. It will also surprise fans of electronic music, as the vibe is neither ambient, dance-y, experimental or artsy; this is a balls-to-the-wall, fist-pumping one-man-show that will undoubtedly floor concert-goers.
And while The Byte Is In My Blood may not be the album of the year, it is nonetheless a noteworthy release and Robot Goes Here is an act one should keep an eye on; Dave Rand‘s Robot is on the loose, and who knows where it will go next…
(The curious should visit the band’s MySpace-based website, for a few choice tidbits, including the single-worthy “What All The Screaming’s About”, a video interview, lyrics and more.)
The Thorn
April 21, 2007
-original published in !earshot magazine

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