Astaire: ‘Don’t Whisper Lies’

Take nine parts of The Cardigans and mix in one part of light psychedelia and what do you get? Brazilian/American duo Blondfire, of course!

Once known as Astaire, until the estate of Fred Astaire wrangled the name away from them, these siblings have released a first effort as graceful as their original moniker would imply; it is a light confection that moves freely and deftly, breezing by one’s ears with finesse.

Of course, it’s hard to ignore the obvious references to The Cardigans because all the tracks on this release could easily be slipped in on one of their ‘best of’ compilation. And a novice probably wouldn’t know any better, either – in fact, it’s as though Astaire studied under their tutelage.

But it’s good fun. “Weightless”, “Any Other Day”, “Right Where I Want You” and the title track certainly make for very good pop music. And the lead-off track, “L-L-Love”, will no doubt turn out to be one of our favourite songs this year (in spite of an abundant sweetness that would probably provoke instant tooth-aches in some listeners); its hooky arrangements and grandiose chorus are so yummy that it’s virtually impossible to not overindulge.

Um… it even beats “Lovefool” as one of the catchiest pop-rock love songs of the last decade. Hardly surprising, then, that it’s already been picked up by numerous Hollywood motion pictures as a soundtrack for their romantic drivel.

While the aforementioned recording is ‘only’ an EP, and we normally feature full-length albums in this column, we feel that it is absolutely perfect for the upcoming lovey-dovey week of Valentinian madnesss. So we gift-wrapped this one just for you – with a bright pink bow on top!

We give it a 8.0 out of 10

What do you think?

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