Chin: ‘Day Dreaming’

In the world of pop, we consistently find ourselves hearing one disposable ‘artist’ after another; flavours of the week that are generally devoid of talent but who have a very persistent marketing machine behind them. Or who get lucky… very, VERY lucky.

Then there are the multitudes of talented musicians who break their backs to release their life’s work but never break through. These are the artists who are surrounded by gifted people like themselves and who have to struggle just to put their daydreams to record. Most sadly never find their audience.

Chin Injeti is one of the latter.

Upon the first listen, it’s clear that ‘Day Dreaming’ is the work of a pretty decent singer-songwriter; not only has Chin been a member of Bass Is Base, but he has worked with Snow and remixed The Barenaked Ladies. ‘Dreaming’ is imbued with strong pop compositions, solid musicianship and enticing vocals. And, although the album didn’t grab me in the way that the author certainly intended it to, it did stand out for the quality of the work.

From the Darren Hayes-ish title track through the anthemic “Rejoice” and the disco and funk-tinged “Don’t Let The Boogie Pass”, this album would probably set the tone at a house party.  The lyrics are standard pop musings about Love, …etc, but they don’t get so sentimental as to spoil the mood. And there’s an interesting version of “”” ‘s ‘Logical Song’ that might just find its way on the show on one of our many installments of ‘Rehashed’.

While ‘Day Dreaming’ may not be the year’s standout listen for me, it would be interesting to hear Chin’s next few albums – after all, even the greats like Prince had a couple of so-so albums at the start of their careers, as they were finding their groove.

There is a fair bit of potential here, and Chin is certainly worth paying attention to. You can learn more about him at

I give it a 5.5 out of 10

What do you think?

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