L’ostie d’chat, tome 2

Summary: Our two friends’ misdaventures never end: Jean-Seb drowns his romantic sorrows in alcohol, falls for Natasha, a truly disgusting chick, and sleeps with Claire even though she’s off-limits. As for Jasmin, he has a blast performing with “Les Doigts Sales” – until the band’s drummer hits on him. Even their cat, Legolas, gets into trouble…


L’ostie d’chat, tome 2, by by Iris and Zviane 7.75

In this second volume of ‘L’ostie d’chat‘, Jasmin and Jean-Sebastien carry on with their usual shenanigans – which mostly revolves around women. JS, in particular, tends to sleep with everyone he can, causing rifts with his friends.

But now he’s fallen for Natasha, a superficial alcoholic who everyone warns him against; he just can’t help himself. Meanwhile, Jasmin has joined a new band and gets hit on by the drummer, leading him to question his sexuality.

And then there’s Claire…

Though it’s very similar in tone as its predecessor, this collection is slightly more episodic, with some bits only taking up a couple of pages and not really contributing to the larger picture. And yet it’s not exactly filler material.

In fact, the book is a little bit quirkier and more enjoyable for it.

There are a few flashbacks to Jas’ and JS’ teen years, which I feel actually helps to flesh out the characters a bit more; it doesn’t feel superfluous. In fact, it humanizes these two dopes in a much-needed way given their behaviour.

One of the most affecting bits is when Jasmin’s father, who had ditched his family to move to the United States with his girlfriend, returns to Québec, ill from cancer. Jas only finds out through a third party and has to deal with mixed feelings.

Though it’s a bit sobering, it doesn’t take away from the humour.

In fact, it’s contrasting, enhancing it.

Legolas, the titular cat, finally has more panel time, though it’s really just part of silly side-stories – like getting tangled in flypaper, forcing Jasmin to shave patches off of the ugly, dumb beast. But it adds to the usual two-character dynamic.

I’m really digging this series, even though there’s nothing deep about it. Maybe it’s the familiar setting, the casual language rife with local lingo, or the fact that these two immature idiots are relatively realistic, but it’s growing on me.

I very much look forward to reading the third and final volume.

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