Ferociously Close To Home

Ferociously Close To Home by John McPherson 7.0
This is a collection of ‘Close To Home’ comic strips. I’m not really familiar with the series, although it seems vaguely familiar – perhaps from when I used to read what the old folks used to call a “newspaper”.
I was surprised to see that the artwork is really simplistic, maybe even slightly incompetent: the proportions are frequently way off and it is seriously lacking in accuracy. But it gets the job done, and I suppose that the style is in the spirit of the material.
The humour is very hit and miss with me. There were times I burst out laughing, maybe more so than usual, but I often found it corny or uninspired. I often liked the weirdness of it, but not necessarily the gag.
In the end, it may not be ferociously funny, but it left a good enough impression. 🙂

What do you think?

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