Star Wars : The Clone Wars

Synopsis: In a galaxy far, far away… The Star Wars sage continues in this first ever animated feature from Lucasfilm Animation! Featuring some of your favorite characters and a host of new ones, this is Star Wars like you’ve never seen it before. As the Clone Wars sweep through the galaxy, Anakin Skywalker and his new Padawan learner Ahsoka Tano plunge into a dangerous mission to rescue the kidnapped son of crime lord Jabba the Hutt. The renegade Count Dooku is determined to make sure that they fail, and with his deadly assassin Asajj Ventress in pursuit, this is a mission with grave consequences. Meanwhile, on the front lines, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda lead the massive clone army in a valiant effort to defeat the droid army and resist the forces of the dark side. Lightsabers ready! A new era of adventure awaits!

Star Wars : The Clone Wars 6.0

The plug between the butt cheeks that were Episodes 2 and 3, ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ doesn’t even manage to prevent the smell from stinking up the place.

What should have been an exciting bridge between these episodes turns out to be eye candy and action sequences tied loosely to the bones of an disturbingly emaciated script. There isn’t even a hint of substance, wit or wisdom in the whole thing; it’s pretty much Episodes 1-3 but without the depth (and we all know how poor the writing was already! oO).

It all started ominously enough: the Star Wars theme sounded completely different, and they omitted the traditional scrolling back-story and replaced it by a nauseatingly quick overview read by an amateur narrator. It didn’t go downhill from there, thankfully, but the tone was set: we has a bad feeling about this oO

The only real high point is the fact that they picked a different actor to do the voice of ‘Anakin Skywalker’. Good move, ’cause even this CGI version is better than the live action one! Which isn’t saying much, sadly… :S

Nonetheless, the action was well done, and it looked good. But this does not make a decent movie. Basically, the series has been degenerated further by lack of vision and avarice. I wish that they had left it alone. How I long for Star Wars, pre-1997 :/

What do you think?

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