Picking Up the Pieces

Synopsis: A Comedy That Is Not Afraid To Point The Finger.

A sleepy Mexican town is turned upside down when a hand found by the side of the road begins granting miracles! Soon thousands are flocking to the local church to see the miraculous hand of the ‘Madonna.’ Woody Allen (Small Time Crooks, Deconstructing Harry, Mighty Aphrodite), David Schwimmer (“Friends”, Apt Pupil, Six Days Seven Nights), Kiefer Southerland (A Time To Kill, A Few Good Men, The Three Musketeers), Cheech Marin (Desperado, Tin Cup, From Dusk Till Dawn) and Maria Grazia Cucinotta (The World Is Not Enough, Il Postino) star in this hilarious comedy that’s “not afraid to point the finger!”

Picking Up the Pieces 5.0

‘Picking Up the Pieces’ is a farce about crime, the power of miracles and media manipulation.

The basic premise, which is that the hand of a recently murdered spouse is mistaken for the hand of the Virgin Mary and becomes the center of worship in a New Mexico town, seems alright on paper. And, featuring an ensemble cast that includes Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Kiefer Sutherland, David Schwimmer, Cheech Marin and many others, you’d half expect the movie to work.

Sadly, the humour is pretty unsophisticated, at times even childish, and neither the story nor the performances are compelling. While I wasn’t bored at all, I did groan a few times due to the discomfort of some scenes and I don’t even remember laughing once – which is not a good sign considering that this is supposedly a comedy :/

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