Fathers’ Day

Synopsis: All she said was “My son is yours.” Unfortunately, she said it to both of them.

Jack Lawrence (Billy Crystal) is a lawyer, the kind always ready to help you get what’s coming to him. Dale Putley (Robin Williams) is a shambles, a minor writer and major goofball. They have nothing in common – until they team to track down a runaway teen each believes might be his son.

Fathers’ Day is “the mother of all comedy events” (Pat Collins, WWOR-TV), pairing two of the funniest on the planet and directed by Ivan Reitman. Crystal quips and Williams connips as they bicker, bond..and plunge deep into the uncharted neighborhood called parenthood. In this neighborhood, there’s a laugh around every corner.

Fathers’ Day 4.5

With the pedigree of the cast and crew on this film, you’d certainly expect a better movie. I mean, honestly, how could Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters), Billy Crystal (When Harry Met Sally), Robin Williams (Good Morning Vietnam) and writers Babaloo Mandel and Lowell Ganz (City Slickers / A League of Their Own) serve up such an uninspired, tasteless, warmed up leftover?

There’s not much to it: a son runs away, the mother desperately wants to find him, so she calls two men she once had relations with and tells each of them (separately, of course! ;)) that they are her son’s father. They believe her and feel compelled to find him. And so begins our improbable adventure.

Based on the French classic ‘Les compères’, ‘Father’s Day’ was tedious, unfunny, contrived, unrealistic and simple-minded. It’s almost a joyless, spiritless affair. There were some small glimmers of hope along the way, but only just enough to make it to the end of what was a pretty lacklustre film.

I sold off my copy the following day. I won’t be making this a Fathers’ Day tradition.

What do you think?

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