The Simpsons Movie

Synopsis: The Simpsons Movie has truly become a worldwide phenomenon, emerging as one of the biggest blockbusters in movie history. In this hilarious smash-hit, Homer must save Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the entire planet from a catastrophe he himself created.

The Simpsons Movie 7.5

I haven’t been exposed to the The Simpsons much. Seriously. I have the first 8 seasons at home, but have only watched the first. And I don’t watch TV.

But I do have a sense of what The Simpsons are about – because they figure so prominently in pop culture. So, when I watched this movie, I frankly expected to guffaw away for 90 mins of pure diversion; I didn’t expect a heavy-handed environmental message to boot.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m probably greener than you. Okay, maybe not you. But look at the person next to you and I’m more green than that person. Now, look at that person carefully and see how he/she hates Mother Earth. That person is the cause of all your problems and your children and your childrens’ children won’t have a home because of him/her.

Um… so an environmental message is hardly an issue with me.

The problem is that, in this film, it felt contrived. And it was heavy-handed – the film reminded us almost at every turn that the environment was as much, if not more, of a star as The Simpsons themselves. And that’s just no fun – and it’s not conducive to mindless belly laughs.

And that was my main problem with this film: the laughs weren’t that many, and they weren’t that great. So it turns out that this film was simply a relatively amusing adventure with North America’s favourite TV family – no more, no less.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

What do you think?

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