Road Trip

Synopsis: Get ready for no-holds-barred — or is that bared? — hilarity in the outrageous Road Trip Entertainment Weekly calls, “this year’s Something About Mary.” Now you can see what they didn’t dare show in the theaters!

When an extra hot video of Josh (Breckin Meyer) getting freaky with the luscious Beth (Amy Smart) is accidentally mailed to his girlfriend, he has three days to get to Texas before the tape does!

Join crazy MTV comedian Tom Green, four guys, one snake and a bevy of nubile babes in a hilarious adventure of insane proportions that The Washington Post (Desson Howe) howls is “pretty #@%*@# funny!” Featuring the year’s hottest soundtrack including Kid Rock, Run DMC and Buckcherry.

Road Trip 8.5

Okay, okay… so it’s a college buddy road movie with crude jokes and subpar acting.

But, you know what? The film’s construction is much better than the average comedy is, the cast has veritable charm, the jokes stay within the realm of the plausible (and are played out with perfect beat!) and the whole affair is so well-paced that it’s impossible to be bored.

Will ‘Road Trip’ ever be considered a sadly-overlooked and maligned should-have-been-an-award-winner? No. But is it an enjoyable way to kill 90 mins with your friends? Totally.

In fact, this movie puts a big grin on my face every single time that I watch it. And I’ve watched it quite a bit – for me, this is a classic. Seriously, I think it’s worth the trip.

What do you think?

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